Shop Audacia – We Have Launched Our Online Boutique!

Shop Audacia – We Have Launched Our Online Boutique!

Hello Everyone!

Today we have a big announcement for everyone! After months of hard work, researching, sourcing, and $$$, we have finally launched the Audacia Boutique! Click HERE to check it out now!

Use code WELCOME10 for 10% OFF your first order and FREE Shipping! Free express shipping is available for orders over $170. Get your discount day!

Our Story

In the fall of 2020, I was sitting in my room taking online courses to finish my university degree. During my Ancient Rome elective course, I learned the term muliebris audacia. Audacia can be defined as boldness or ambition. This term, muliebris audacia, was used in Ancient Rome to defame and control women who showed a drive for more outside of their preordained maternal duties. This concept struck a chord within because although born in Ancient times, muliebris audacia does not only apply to the Ancient women of Rome. So much natural ambition and unrestrained boldness are taught out of women from a young age and Audacia is here to revive that.

After countless hours of research into confidence building, healthy living, and productivity- Audacia was born. The Audacia blog was created to promote self-improvement, self-refinement, and healthy living. Blog posts centred around how to be your best self and to become productive, happy, and healthy. 

Now, we are taking it a step further. 

What else other than fashion can represent your individualistic sense of self? What else other than what you wear can display your audacia, confidence, and style just from a glance?

Audacia is for the bold, the brazen, the ambitious, the girls that laugh too loud, the girls that work too hard. Embrace your Audacia and become the person you were meant to be. Your boldness and ambition are something that should be nurtured not squandered and this is the place to do it.

Why Choose Audacia?

In a world of endless options and well-known companies, why choose Audacia?

Audacia is a small Canadian business but this does not mean we have small ambitions. At Audacia, we are dedicated to providing all our customers with 5 important tenets: careful curation, quality, captivating clothes, affordability, and a high standard of customer care.

1. Curated 

Your days of clicking to the 19th page of a catalogue are over. The Audacia collection is curated for you to find your perfect fall capsule wardrobe. With careful consideration and endless research, these clothes can fit your professional, casual, and going-out needs.

2. Quality

Quality before everything. The Audacia collection will stand the test of time not only through style but in quality. No more loose threads and worn-out colours. We will provide you with both quality and affordability.

3. Captivating

Unique and alluring. Trends are fun but a true personal style last forever. Build your timeless captivating wardrobe here.

4. Affordability

Audacia is 100% dedicated to keeping our prices affordable and accessible to all. Fashion shouldn’t come at a price of debt and we will make sure it stays that way.

5. Care

Audacia is committed to bringing our customers with 24/7 customer service. We will always be attentive to your needs and provide you with a smooth shopping experience.

Our 2021 Fall Catalogue

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