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7 Components You Must Implement In Your Workout Routine!

7 Components You Must Implement In Your Workout Routine!

Hello Everyone! Today I will be discussing 7 components that you should have in your workout routine. When starting your fitness journey, it may be intimidating to build an all-encompassing regime for your goals. If you are a complete beginner, I would recommend following YouTube …

How to Love Exercise – Altering Your Mindset and Attitude!

How to Love Exercise – Altering Your Mindset and Attitude!

Hello Everyone! Today I will be speaking about how to love exercise and how to alter your mindset and attitude concerning fitness and working out! Nutrition and exercise can be sensitive topics for many people as they may feel inadequate or incompetent in these areas. …

10 Workouts You Didn’t Know About- Find Your Perfect Routine!

10 Workouts You Didn’t Know About- Find Your Perfect Routine!

Hello Everyone!

Today I will be talking about 10 different workouts you didn’t know existed and why is it so important to find an exercise you love!

Fitness and exercise are crucial parts of leading a healthy lifestyle. In contrast, if you have specific fitness goals, it is important to note that your eating habits will be most essential in your attaining your dream body! See my post here on 10 easy and healthy snacks.

Discipline and motivation are the backbone of success in any part of your life and can be grown and cultivated through exercise! This may seem far-fetched but the most well-rounded and successful people adhere to some sort of fitness routine.

Don’t believe me?

Michelle Obama has been known to use a majority of her free-time for “self-care fitness”!

If you want to see my post on how to maximize your self-care, click HERE.

Alma Clooney dedicates two hours of every morning to a brisk walk.

Meghan Markle has been known to take her fitness very seriously and loves strength training.

What does this tell you?

The key to looking good, feeling good, and performing your best starts from taking care of yourself! If you hate lifting weights and doing traditional workouts- stop! Experiment and find out what suits you best. Fitness is not just about getting to a goal, it is also about enjoying what you’re doing! Dedicating some of your daily time to something that will make you feel and be better is the first step in maximizing your audacia.

Legal Disclaimer: Audacia is a website made for informational purposes only. By voluntarily undertaking any interventions listed on Audacia, you assume the risk of any resulting injuries or harm and Audacia can not be held liable. Audacia strives to provide accurate and contemporary information but this website is not a substitution for personal research and speaking to your health care provider.

So let’s get into it!

  1. Barre and Ballet

This might not be for everyone but recently I have been loving barre and ballet workouts. Barre workouts are a ballet-inspired fitness routine that focuses on building strength in your quads, hamstrings, and calves! Barre also will improve your balance and solidify your core. Workouts will be centred around the pile squat, calf raises, and improving balance and flexibility. It is a great workout to do on an active rest day after a walk!

Ballet is pretty self-explanatory and Youtube is a great resource for finding beginner classes. I believe all women (and men) should consider taking ballet classes periodically! Ballet is definitely not the easiest or a very fast-paced workout but it works your muscles to have more endurance. If you are looking to get those lean, long legs- ballet is the way! Ballet is also great for improving your posture and adding a touch of grace to your movements (think- ballet arms).

2. Pilates

Pilates is another workout that is not fast-paced. Don’t be fooled by the exterior though! Some of the hardest workouts I’ve done are pilates or barre routines. Pilates workouts improve your flexibility through low-impact movements. Over time, it is possible to see improvement in your posture, core strength, and muscle balance. Fun fact: pilates is over 100 years old! There are great routines on Youtube for pilates but I recommend you check your local area to see if you can join a pilates studio! Meeting people at pilates class will help you stay accountable and motivated!

Here is my post on using a vision board for motivation.

3. Kickboxing

For those who want something a bit more fast-paced and intense- kickboxing is for you! Kickboxing consists of a full-body workout that can dramatically improve your core strength, reaction time, balance, and coordination. If you want to feel like Rocky Balboa, try out your local kickboxing gym! It is an amazing aerobic exercise and you can do it at home as well. If you’re staying in the comfort of your home to do kickboxing, expect to do a lot of shadow kickboxing unless you invest in some equipment. It is not necessary though, shadow kickboxing is a great way to get familiar with boxing moments and still provide a great cardiovascular workout.

4. Yoga

Yoga is not the most hidden workout BUT did you know there are 4 primary different types of yoga and a number of subtypes?

Sivananda Yoga is a very basic type of yoga that focuses on familiar positions and flows such as downwards dog, sun salutations, and breathing exercises. This form of yoga is great if you’re working to clear your mind or to start/end your day!

Bikram Yoga, more commonly known as hot yoga, is another amazing form of the workout. It is performed in a room around 35-40% humidity and at 40°C. If you’re looking for a more interesting and intense form of yoga- look no more! Bikram Yoga aids in circulation and can improve your flexibility a bit more than the other forms. This is the one form that cannot be done at home because of the nature of the necessary workout environment. Find a hot yoga studio near you and book a class!

Ashtanga Yoga is a self-paced type of yoga in which a series of movements are taught and then you complete them at your own pace over a duration of around 1.5-2 hours. This form can improve muscular endurance and is done 100% at your comfort level!

5. Dancing

Dance workouts are great if you want to get that heart rate up. If you’re looking for a more structured approach, Youtube (once again) has a plethora of different videos to follow. Dancing workouts can be just effective at toning your body, especially the obliques and glutes, and can radically improve coordination.

Zumba is the most popular form and consists of high-intensity and low-intensity dance moves. Definitely try it out if you love Colombian music and moving your body!

Bokwa is a newer type of dance workout! It is based around South African and hip-hop style dancing and can be very fun! Step aerobic are sometimes incorporated in the routines, adding that extra burn.

6. Skipping Rope

Skipping may be the best-kept secret for fat loss. The Jump Rope Dudes are the best Youtube channel for finding skipping workouts. From a beginner 10-minute workout to 1.5 hour Mayweather routine, they have it all!

Jumping rope is a high-intensity workout that improves heart health, coordination, strength, reduces body fat, strengthens your bones, increases stamina, decreases fatigue, improves agility, and much more! If you can’t tell, skipping is something I love and try to do everyday. If you really want to whip into shape a bit quicker, I recommend following a skipping workout 5 times a week for at least 30 minutes.

7. Hula-Hooping

This may seem like something just for kids but hula-hooping is a great workout if you want something new. Using a weighted hula-hoop for at least 30 minutes is a great way to get some activity into your day. It has been known to improve your cardiovascular fitness, reduce fat, and really target those core muscles. Start off with small 3-5 minutes intervals and work your way up to 30 minutes!


HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training. In my opinion, you can’t get any harder than HIIT. Workouts will usually consist of a period of intense work for around 25 seconds and then lower intensity work (or rest) for 30-45 seconds. Since this type of workout is so cardiovascularly demanding, workouts usually are only 20-30 minutes. HIIT can improve your metabolism, decrease fat, reduce heart rate and blood pressure, and improve your oxygen consumption. This workout is known for its amount of calories burned compared to the duration of the workout. I would recommend doing HIIT at least once a week! But beware, HIIT is not for the faint of heart and I wouldn’t recommend it to someone who is severely overweight or has not worked out in a while.


On the other hand, LISS is a low-intensity steady-state workout that is great for everyone. Think of HIIT as sprinting up a hill, then LISS would be walking up the same hill (fast burn vs slow burn). LISS is a great way to start working out again and is great active rest day activity. It can reduce stress, blood pressure, and improve circulation. Since this workout is done at a lower intensity, it is usually longer in length (around 45-60 minutes). Brisk walking, cycling, swimming, and hiking are all considered a LISS workout.

10. Pole Fitness

This may be very taboo but pole fitness has been growing in popularity. This is not for no reason, pole fitness is a hard but very fun workout! Pole classes will start off with improving your strength and flexibility. You will then learn some dance moves to link your routine together! This is a great way to workout and to try something new.

What is your favourite workout to do? Which workouts do you want to try? Share below!

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